Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Recent Accomplishments/Events

I honestly don't have the time or the attention span to write everything I want to right now, so I'm going to bullet stuff. 'Kay?


  • I survived check-offs in band without tears/panic attack, and otherwise did well
  • Had a counselling appointment which caused me to leave feeling good about my future
  • Finished the long worksheet in AP Bio while goofing off with Moxi, and then we escaped from class ten minutes early to make up the homework we'd both forgotten about
  • Finally got unlost in Chargestone Cave in Pokemon Black during Latin/Study Hall
  • ALL of my lunchtime friends except Zach had the same lunch, and I was way more involved in the conversations than usual
  • I was extremely social in Telecom and was able to balance conversations with both Ron and Diana (will be added to cast list tomorrow) which I hadn't successfully done yet
  • Felt knowledgeable while taping an interview for Telecom
  • Got a hug from Ron (I don't like him as more than a friend, and his hugs aren't particularly good. The "hug" part is what made it great, not specifically that it was from him :P)
  • Socialized with my band teacher and felt like I showed him I'm not this meek little person who wouldn't be a good section leader next year
  • I'd just like to point out that there's something about being around Diana that makes me feel like I can do way more than I usually feel like I can accomplish. That'll get a post of its own when I get around to it. 
  • Felt knowledgeable AGAIN while taping for Telecom, and this time with a person I don't know well but respect A LOT
  • Walked alllllll the way to the movie theater from school with Diana and Neil to do more taping for Telecom, and didn't feel stupid when we literally ran back
  • Walked to Rite Aid and back from my house by myself with no panic attacks
  • Found my mom's purse which she had looked all over for before she cancelled her credit cards and stuff
  • Changed a lightbulb
  • Got my homework done
  • Saved Vader from a very frustrated and angry Friscuit (Carli's in heat and Friscuit has balls but Carli only wants Panther)
  • Found out Hunger Games presale tickets go on sale on my birthday
  • Made plans for Friday night
  • Did so much research for the story I'm writing, and got some great ideas
  • Survived getting my blood drawn with minimal crying and I only kicked the lab tech once
  • Finally came out and said everything I needed to to a guy who hurt me/pissed me off. Two down, one to go.
  • Found out that when my mom gets her tax refund in less than a month, WE'RE GETTING A DOG!
  • Played with ADORABLE puppies at the pet store
  • Realized that every story I've done research for in the past, I've finished
  • Got just a little less selfish.
Overall today kinda sucked because I was in "Angry Child Mode" (which apparently is a real thing and not just something my friend used to describe my mood, but in actuality I was probably more in Impulsive Child Mode) for the most part, but it ended up being a pretty good day. 

Song of the Day: "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk

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