Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Update (since I haven't been here in forever)

So... I have a new boyfriend. His name is Tim. I met him when we were in sixth grade, right after I moved to Delaware. He was my first friend here. We liked each other, but he moved away. We lost touch and got back in touch and started hanging out again (forty-five minutes seems a lot longer of a distance when you're twelve than when you're seventeen/eighteen) and we've been going out since September 2nd. He's a pretty good guy, we've got some issues to work out but we'll make it.
(Also, while going back to see where I left off I realized that I never mentioned Neil and my break-up. So yeah. We broke up.)

We had to find a new home for Galahad for several different reasons, but we have a new dog now.
Her name is Kylee and she's very sweet. She's a mutt, but we're thinking she's mostly Pomeranian. She's about two and a half. She's the nicest, gentlest thing unless you throw a ball. Then she's vicious xD

Also, Leia's last batch of kittens have grown up and she has new ones now.

I got to meet John Green at the National Book Festival. I was super nervous about how beat-up my copy of Looking for Alaska is, thinking he might think I didn't care enough to take care of it. Instead he said "It's great to actually feel a well-read book." I cried.

I also got the opportunity to meet Fun. I'm a part of my school's new GSA. Fun. just finished up their Campus Consciousness Tour, and one part of it was inviting the GSAs from those colleges to meet the band and attend the sound check and have an ice cream social. UD's GSA offered my school's GSA five tickets and I got one of them (had to do with attendance and GPA and stuff). It was wonderful. The band is awesome and really nice and they were super excited that we as high-schoolers were there. We originally had awful seats, but this really awesome photographer named Tanner got us better ones and tracked us down and made me cry. There's a sticky-note on my wall in my bedroom that says what he said while I hugged him: "Just remember, for every asshole in the world, there's a guy like me."

I've been busy applying to colleges (UD, UVM, RIT, SDSU, WNE, Marlboro College, Kenyon College, William Penn University) and scholarships and working on my senior thesis (rape culture in America). 

I've gotten into more fandoms. BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Homestuck, Community, Battlestar Galactica, and Wilfred to name most of them. Definitely has kept me distracted. 

I've been spiraling crazily in and out of depression. I've been in one of the worst and longest depressive spells for the past couple of months. I'm not really talking to anyone and I'm having frequent panic attacks. I don't have the transport for outside therapy and the woman I was seeing at school got a job elsewhere and they haven't found a replacement for her yet. Someone brought up the idea of Big Brothers Big Sisters just for someone to talk to, and I'm looking into that. 

I've gotten into a bad habit of constantly contacting someone I shouldn't, and I am consciously making an effort not to. I'd like to make blogging regular again, so I think I'll keep track of the days I've gone without initiating contact. Right now it's officially a week. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Anti Date Rape Drinkware

Okay, okay, I know I haven't posted in like six months. I'm probably going to get back to that. Probably.

Anyways, the reason I'm here:

There's a new company called DrinkSavvy that is creating straws, plastic cups, and glassware that change color if a drink has been drugged. There are test strips out there that do the same, but it's so awkward to do that and to be super-safe you'd have to do it repeatedly throughout the night. The fact that the straw or cup changes color is brilliant. They have a start-up here. Right now the goal for the money is to perfect the prototype and be able to offer it free to rape crisis centers, but eventually they'd like to get bars and universities to make it standard protocol to use it. This makes me super excited for several reasons (not the least of which being that I myself am a sexual abuse survivor), and if anyone could donate or just spread the word that'd be fantastic.