Cast of Characters

As I talk about people in my blog, they will appear here.

Adam- The guy who held me together for the first and last quarters of my sophomore year. He caused his own trouble here and there, but for the most part he's someone I can always count on to stay up all night with me if that's what it takes to keep me okay. 

Alex- Moxi's boyfriend. I owe so much to him. He's kinda like a brother to me now. I haven't quite figured out how to put him into words. I'll get back to you on that. 

Brenna- Adam's girlfriend. We got off to a rocky start when I thought she was taking Adam from me, but we're friends now. She's very sweet. 

Bryar- Jeez. Um. He's a foot taller and three years older than me. I talk about him a lot. He was my best friend, then my enemy, then my best friend, then my enemy, etc... He's my enemy now, I guess. But he was really important to me for the longest time. Still is. 

Clay- The ex-boyfriend that affects me the most. We went out for about six months. He broke up with me in July because of my asexuality, but told me it was because I was pushing him away and he didn't feel anything for me anymore. Yay liars and cowards who tell everything to a good friend of his who is also a good friend of mine (see Mackay below :P) 

Danny- Another good guy friend (I seem to have a lot). He's very funny and very caring. He'll be the one to constantly bug me until I smile if I look like I'm feeling down <3 He thinks my mom's cool because she plays World of Warcraft. And he's a total slacker, but the teachers love him anyway. It's impossible to be a normal person (AKA not ghetto/hater) and not like Danny :P

Dana- A friend of Clay's that stayed at our house last spring. He wasn't such a good boarder, but he's still a good friend.

Dave- The guy who I go to about pretty much everything. He's five years older than me. He's always seemed to be slightly protective of me. He makes me feel like a little kid :P He's given me relationship advice on more than one occasion, as well as video game tips and general knowledge. He's also saved me from drowning once.

George- One of my really close guy friends. He's more feminine than I am >.< We go on adventure days a lot, which is when he picks me up and we just go around the area looking for stuff to do. He's a year older than me but two years ahead of me in school. He's extremely smart. He's a boss at bass. 

Jason- A guy I was involved with summer of '10. I thought we were in a relationship, but apparently he just wanted to force his way into my pants *shrugs*

Joey- The best freshman in the history of freshmen. He's tall and caring and he keeps me out of trouble. I love him like a little brother <3

Katie- She was my drum major my freshman year. I absolutely adore her. She's very cheerful. Also I may or may not have been a lost little freshmen that she may or may not have played a huge part in keeping from quitting. She and Dave have been dating forever as in since the beginning of time and I really look up to them for that.

Mackay- One of those people that you tend to avoid unless you give him a chance and really get to know him. He drinks and he talks big, but he really is a good guy. He's smart. He's a great listener. He's a total nerd. He's very attractive ^-^ He's a year older than me. 

Mary- My best friend ever. I met her through NaNoWriMo on a "Adopt a Sibling" thread. I didn't expect to get as lucky as I did. She's truly my closest friend, even though I've never met her IRL. I tell her practically everything. She is my sister.

Matt (Brother)- My recently discovered older brother, whose story can be found in this post

Matt ("Puppy")- I love him omg he's so crazy (I sound like Selby here but it's the only way I can think of wording it). He's a lot of fun. We tease each other constantly. He's very tall. 

Moxi- She was my best friend for the first year and a half of high school. She was kind of out of control. She could get violent and didn't understand boundaries. I went six months without talking to her, but now we're really good friends again. 

Neil- Another addition to the ex's list

Paul- The closest thing I had for the longest time to an older brother. He's really goofy and sweet and caring. 

Sarah- Another amazingly sweet freshman. She's sassy and cute. I love her <3

Selby- Probably my best friend in America. She's adorable and crazy and I love her. She was featured here.