Animal Companions

The Cats-
  • Panther. He's black with a dot of white in the middle of his chest. Always desperate for attention, he can get pretty annoying. 
  • Houdini, Panther's twin. He got his name because when we first got him we'd think that we'd backed him into a corner but he'd get out anyway, and because he's on his fourth collar. All previous ones have been lost. He's very vocal. 
  • Friscuit, our gray tabby. Still technically a kitten, still playful and sweet to humans (though a complete jerk to the cats). Snores. Spends most of his time trying to clean Vader.
  • Darth Vader, our special needs kitty. He got his name because he's asthmatic so he sounds like Darth Vader. He also has a kink in his tail and an overbite, and his front legs are too short so he's always crouching forward ^-^ Friscuit is his best friend, but he doesn't like the constant licking. He's a tuxedo cat. 
  • Princess Leia, our growling calico who recently had four kittens and turned into the sweetest thing.
  • Kittens!

The Dog-
  • Sir Galahad, an ADORABLE Australian Shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound mix. Working on training him >.<
The Hamsters-

  • Random, a panda hamster (named after Arthur Dent's daughter in Mostly Harmless)
  • Ming, another panda hamster (named after a real panda, according to my mother)

The Gerbils-
  • Alicia, tan and white and nasty. 
  • Starlight, who we got after Vader killed Minnie

    The Degus-
    • Jojo. Hides a lot. Likes to burrow in bras. 

    The Guinea Pigs-
    • Sam, cream and white
    • Koala, the color of a koala

      The Rats-
      • Buddy, my rat. He's brown with a white belly. He's a little bit of a bully when it comes to the other rats sometimes, but he absolutely loves people. He'll crawl onto my hand and then up to my shoulder and start licking my ear ^-^
      • PJ, a brown and white rat
      • Typpy, another brown and white rat
      • Sparkles (my sister's doing), a mostly brown rat with one white patch
      • Ellie, a blue Dumbo rat
      • Rat babies. So many rat babies.