Thursday, January 12, 2012

Romantic Desires

I'm being lazy today... There's a thread on AVEN asking about romantic desires that I responded to earlier. I'm copying and pasting here lol

I want to be hugged from behind. I want to cry and for him to say "Come here" and for me to hide my face in his collarbone and for him to rub my back until I calm down. I want him to randomly post a heart on my Facebook wall. I want to talk on the phone until I fall asleep. I want a good morning text every morning. I want him to come over and play board games with my family. I want piggy back rides down the street when my feet hurt. I want him to call me cute. I want him to randomly show up at my house when I'm in a depressive state with ice cream and a romantic comedy and drag me out of bed. I want him to pick me up at night just to go for a drive. I want to be able to talk to him about my past without feeling ashamed. I want him to understand that sometimes I just don't want to be touched and to understand it's not his fault, it's the fault of guys before him who didn't understand the word "no." I also want him to understand that sometimes I get overloaded on physical contact and just can't deal, and that he's not at fault for that, either. I want him to kiss me on the cheek and the forehead and the neck. I want to nuzzle noses. I want him to be by my side when I'm sick even when I tell him to go away. I want him to surprise me with little notes and gifts. I want him to help me with my homework and tell me to go to bed when it's too late for me to be awake. I want him to rub my neck when I'm stressed. I want him to hug me and lift me off my feet. I want him to get along with my friends, and I want to get along with his friends. I want him to watch chick flicks with me. I want to feel as comfortable in his house and with his family as I do in/with my own. I want to be able to just sit with him without talking or any distractions and still feel comfortable. I want him to know how to deal with my temper tantrums, and I want him to know how to bring me out of a funk (I know these things, and I'd be willing to tell him if he asked). I want him to come out and say I'm being unreasonable when I need to hear it, and I want him to love me anyway. I want to fight and bicker, but never so much that either of us actually gets hurt or mad. I want him to tease me and make offensive jokes but never cross the line. I want him to make me laugh, and I want him to be amused by my antics. I want him to teach me things. I want him to cook for me (I'm the type that could burn water. Even set grilled cheese on fire once). 

If I can find a guy who does all of this, I will be shocked, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

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