Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Journals and How I Got My Pen Name

So when I was in middle school, I made up these characters that lived in my head. I never used them in a real story. They were more just there for me to entertain myself. Also, they may or may not have been somewhat of a coping mechanism. I was still being verbally abused by my stepfather at the time, and that's when the worst of the depression started. Somewhat ironically, the voices in my head kept me sane ^-^

My best friend in eighth grade was Zach. He was the first person I told about "the others." We actually started a couple of journals where we had conversations with the characters. It was a lot of fun. For the most part, it was a somewhat fictionalized journal for both of us. I used one of those pens where you press down different clicker things and different colored inks come out, and each character had a different color to differentiate.

The Characters-
Myria- She was pink. She usually went by Mya. She was smart and motherly. She often broke up fights and almost never lost her temper. She was also self-conscious and a total worry-wart. She often wrote down lyrics to whatever random song was stuck in my head.
Kyleah- She was purple. She went by either Leah or Lee, but usually Lee. She was childish and naive and innocent. She pouted a lot, and didn't really get most of the jokes that were passed along. She also got hyper a lot and would go off on little tangents. "Don't. Start. Lee." was heard a lot because of it. She was also super creative, and wrote a lot of stories.
John- He was green and printed. He was probably my least developed character. He was reassuring. That's about all I remember.
Jay Jay- He was also green and wrote in cursive. He was a comedian and was almost making everyone laugh. He could be really immature at times, though, and he said a lot of innuendos. Cole didn't like him talking to Lee :P
Cole- He was blue. He was the protector. He was always trying to keep the peace, but he could be condescending. A lot. He lost his temper quite a few times. He really was looking out for everyone's best interests, though, even if they resented him for it.
Jen- She was black. She was mean and vindictive. She broke down a couple of times, but for the most part she was just rude.
I usually wrote in yellow, and Zach wrote in pencil. You could tell who he was anyway because his handwriting's so different from mine.

Some highlights from the journals: 
I want to read.
You know you're going to burst out laughing at some point and you'll disturb the people that are still taking their tests. 
I'll hold it in I promise. 
Alright, I'm trusting you...

*ten minutes later*
See? I held it in!
What's a dildo?
When you're older!!

How did you run into a wall, Leah?
Well, I was carrying groceries for Mom and the wall just jumped out in front of me and it attacked me. 
Uh huh. Cole, can you tell me?
She was watching a "bunny" and waiting for it to move. Then she realized it was a statue. 

All right, people, we all know why we're so riled up today. Let's just... try to make the best out of it. 
There is blood coming out of my ass.
My butt's sticky.
I'm cramping.
I've got a headache.
I want to go back to bed. 
Okay. Screw it. 

Puts his tv before his kids. *scoffs*
And he wonders why he doesn't get girls. 
He's not trying to get girls!
*GASP* Our stepfather's gay?
You are so immature.

You know you've been reading too many mysteries when you're walking through a Christmas decoration store and the headline "Department store Santa hanged with tinsel" pops into your head.

Cow 1: I was artificially enseminated this morning.
Cow 2: I don't believe you
Cow 1: It's true! No bull!

"Ghra" is fun to say. Ga-ha-RA! logarITHmic

Overall, Lee was my favorite. She's the one I identified with the most, and still do to this day. So when I went to choose a pen name to publish a story under when I was in eighth grade, I took a variation of her name and added my mother's maiden name to it. And that's how I became LeeLee Evans. 

Song of the Day: "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" from the musical CATS because it happens to be stuck in my head at the moment. 

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