Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doggies xD

So I grew up with cats. I've always had cats. I will always have cats. I love cats. But I also have always loved dogs.

I've had two dogs in my lifetime so far. The first was when I was super little. His name was Shadow. I don't really remember him. He was a rescue dog, and he had been abused by men. It got to the point where he attacked any man who got near him, so we had to get rid of him. The second was last March. His name was Levi. He was the best dog ever until he got territorial and attacked me every time I tried to go in the living room, so we gave him back to his original owners.

My sisters and I have been begging for a puppy since... forever. My mom finally said yes! My sisters don't know yet. But once my mom gets her tax return (which could be as early as the seventeenth), we're getting a puppy! We haven't decided a breed, because we don't really care. We only have a few requirements.

  • It must be a big dog. "Anything I can dropkick over my back fence: NOT A DOG!" -Jeff Dunham
  • It must be cute
  • It must be playful. We played with three dogs Tuesday night. The first one was really playful. The second one was cuddly, but we were able to rile her up. The third one was kind of just like "whatever. I don't care." We liked the first one the best. We have eight cats to be cuddly with, we want something to play with!
Last night we went to Pet Kare and played with two Australian Shepherd/Elkhound mix. They were adorable. It was their first day in the store, so they were really timid. You're only allowed to have each dog for fifteen minutes at a time. The first one we took out was a girl. She loved me ^-^ I really hope she's still there when we have the money for her, because I want her so badly. She kind of hid in the corner, but I lured her out. She laid her head on my lap while I petted her, and her tail started wagging. Then she started licking my face. I HATE dogs licking my face (as well as people. Clay used to do that to piss me off. Freaking disgusting.), but for some reason with her it wasn't so bad. She started getting playful about a minute before Dakota came to take her back. When he opened the door and reached for her, she ran over and climbed back onto my lap. It was adorable. I want her so badly! But if we don't get her, we'll find another great dog. I'm sure about it.  

Song of the Day- "She's a Bitch, and I'm A Fool" by Sparks the Rescue. Go listen. I love these guys. They opened for Ludo. 

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