Monday, January 16, 2012

Jason Mraz

I'm in love with him. Undeniably and irrevocably. Something about his voice makes every part of me melt. He's multi-lingual, and the languages he speaks are stuff like Czech and Yiddish (according to the San Diego Reader). He makes PSAs about saving the environment. I have a DVD of one of his concert and he took a TAXI to his own concert. His songs are all beautifully written and executed. I could drown in his voice, and I wouldn't be the slightest bit upset. He scats. He makes me want to dance. He's really laid back. He can sing opera, and it actually sounds good. And did I mention his voice?

My favorite songs by him-
A Beautiful Mess (I especially love the line "It's like picking up trash in dresses")
If it Kills Me
Sleeping to Dream
Details in the Fabric
If you listen closely at the end of that last one, you can hear him talking to one of the kids. It's awesome for me. It's kind of like this one Sqwonk song that I can't remember the name of on one of their albums where you can hear them both gasp for breath. It kind of gives it a more intimate feel, and I love it.

This is totally not what I sat down to write today. Look for a really deep post coming up probably tomorrow or the next day if I can keep my thoughts on track.

Song of the Day- Jason Mraz's breathing. That's not creepy, is it?

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