About Me

My name is Delaney, but I go by LeeLee.

I am sixteen years old and in my junior year of high school. I play clarinet in the marching band, bass clarinet in the concert band, and bass guitar on my own time. I'm alternate section leader for when the real section leader doesn't show (which is often). 

In school I am currently taking AP Calc AB, Cambridge O Level Chemistry, AP US History, AP Biology, Honors English, Telecommunications III, and Wind Ensemble.

I live with my mom and my older sister, Molly, 23, full-time. During the week, my sisters live with us (they live with their father on the weekends). My younger sisters are Krista, 8, and Amy, 9. Krista is extremely annoying. We do not get along at all. Amy and I are much more compatible. I have two older siblings, Molly and Kenyan, 20, who my mom gave up for adoption. Molly found us and came to live with us, Kenyan has not. I also have an unbiological sister, Mary, who is eighteen and lives in Alberta, Canada, and an unbiological brother, Paul, who is eighteen and lives about five miles away from my house.

I like to read, write, draw, sing, and listen to music. I also am obsessed with baking brownies (I burn everything else) and making chocolates. I also enjoy playing with my pets and simply staring at the wall and overanalyzing everything.

I am a heteroromantic gray-asexual with a fluid (a)sexuality. I'm currently dating a guy named Neil who's really cool about it. 

There are several people that I really look up to, and I call my heroes: Mary, Faelights from AVEN, John and Hank Green, Daniel Sulzbach, Preston Hymas, Kristina Horner, Mike Lombardo, and Bethany Hamilton. I only know the first one, the others influence me without knowing they do. But I love them all.

I do struggle with both depression and social anxiety. I have attempted suicide three times and threatened it many times more. However, I am currently winning the fight. It's been over two years since my last attempt ^-^