Friday, January 13, 2012

Doctor's Today

Another quick bullets post. Too icky mentally and physically to write full coherent thoughts at the moment.
  • Woke up for school, walked to the bathroom to go pee, promptly vomited, stayed home
  • Went into the doctor's office to be squeezed in between other people's appointments 
    • Nurse had to use the kids' blood pressure cuff because the adult one could've wrapped around my arm five times xD
    • Doctor thinks that I may have sprained my wrist by hitting Clay and then broke it one of the times David tripped me/pushed me/sent me flying. 
      • Can only wear brace while doing things that require me to do painful things (playing clarinet, typing for long periods of time, camerawork for Telecom, being in the same room as David, etc.)
      • Ordered an x-ray and eight weeks of PT three times a week
    • Has no freaking clue why I'm sick 
      • Asked me SEVEN TIMES if there's any way I could be pregnant. Mom finally said, "Look. She originally hurt her wrist by hitting her boyfriend of five months for trying to kiss her. She's not pregnant."
      • All of the things that got tested for in the last round of bloodwork came back normal. In the low range of normal, but normal nonetheless
      • Ordered more blood tests. 
        • The last time there were four tests, and my mom was shocked they only took two vials. This time he ordered five tests
      • Also ordered an upper GI. 
    • Told me to get a guy friend or two to teach me how to defend myself without breaking my own bones
  • High school improv show tonight
    • Felt great to be back in George's car
    • Walked in and Mackay made us sit next to him
    • Suddenly got really really depressed
      • No clue why. Definitely wasn't related to Mackay, because he was being "include her" Mackay tonight again
    • Had trouble finding anything funny
      • Although there was one part that had me dying. They did Human Props (though they called it Human Scenery), and Ali (Alli? Aly? I dunno, Jake help me out here) had to be a suitcase. She laid on her side. They opened her, and put Chris in her. They both looked super embarrassed xD
    • Started feeling sick
    • Kinda aimlessly wandered around the auditorium after the show
      • Mackay said that he had the stylus he owed me in his backpack... at home. I said that was okay and asked him for a favor. He said sure. I asked for a hug. He pretended to think about it, but said yes. Not a particularly good hug, but... :D
      • I saw Adam and told him I got Pokemon Black. He said once I got a Pokemon over level fifty he'd battle me. Twelve levels to go for my highest. Might train only him for a while to get him up there xP
    • Stopped at Burger King on the way home and Corinne spotted me in the parking lot. She had a friend with her, and I was still with George and his brother. We talked for about five minutes. I asked what happened in band. Her friend asked what I played. I told her clarinet. Corinne responded, "Bass clarinet. This girl is boss." It made me feel great :D
I still feel blah, though.

Song of the Day- "Tonight's the Kind of Night" by Noah and the Whale

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