Thursday, January 26, 2012

So Yeah...

I'm officially declaring myself depressed again. There's no one single factor that triggered it, just a multitude.

There are some good things that have happened recently, though:

  • Really happy to have the dog. Just wish that I could enjoy him more.
  • Selby. Oh, God, Selby has been brightening my days by a thousand watts. We have extended advisory this week and she's just been hilarious and amazing and supportive and I love her. She made me choke on my Monster today though. As in turning colors and unable to breathe choke because I was just laughing so hard
  • I passed Joey in the hallway today and he opened his arms for a hug and I kind of dove at him. I think I may have surprised him a little bit, but he hugged me back hard and it felt great. 
  • I've been leaning on Ron a lot the past couple of days, mainly because of how good a listener he is. He knows about one of the bigger issues, and in fact was one of the ones talking me through it. He's been super sweet the past two days. 
  • Pop-tarts. 

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