Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"God wants us to have this dog."

A couple of weeks ago, my mom did the math and decided that with her tax return, we could afford to get a puppy. There was a husky up at the pet store that we always go to (yay for supporting small businesses), and we immediately went up to put a hold on her. She had been adopted two hours before.

Last Thursday they got new dogs in. Mom and I went up that night and played with two puppies, one female, one male. They were both from the same litter of Elkhound/Australian Shepherd mixes. The main difference between the dogs was that the girl had a white stripe down her face that was really cute, and she was more excitable. There were also two others from that litter, but they were buff whereas the two we played with were tri-colored, and I've always loved tri-colored animals. We played with them again Monday night, but this time with my sisters as well. By then, one of the buff girls was gone. Mom decided that as soon as she got word that her tax return had been accepted, we'd put a dog on hold. We went in again today, this time with Zach. We played with both of the pups we'd been playing with, along with the remaining buff. We decided we definitely liked the girl tri-color the best, and then the boy, and then the buff. We also decided the female tri-color we'd name Princess Puddles, because she peed a lot when we played with her, and the male would be Sir Galahad because he'd be my protector at night, and also I'm obsessed with the Arthurian legends.

Tonight, right before we left to take the girls to Girl Scouts, my mom checked her email and found out her tax return was approved and she'd be getting the money on the twenty-fifth. All four of us did some shrieking. We dropped off the girls and went up to the pet store. When we got there, the buff was leaving with her new owner. We went back to the puppies at the same time someone was signing adoption papers for the female tri-color. My mom pleaded with them for a little bit to take the boy instead, but the woman explained that she had just lost her female dog to cancer and she wanted another girl. We backed off after that. We grabbed Jasmine, one of the employees, and got her to grab us hold papers. We put down a deposit, and he's pretty much ours <3 Right before Jasmine put up the "HOLD" sign, someone asked to see him. So we made it just in time for him.

On the way home, Mom was like "I don't even know why I checked my email earlier, I just felt like I had to. And we just missed getting Puddles, and we barely got Galahad. I feel like it was a sign from above. God wants us to have this dog."

Here's a picture of him and his adorableness: 

Song of the Day- "Big Yellow Taxi" by Counting Crows

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