Monday, October 31, 2011


Let me start this off by saying I hate Halloween, okay? I'm too easily scared to enjoy it.

Last year for the two weekends before Halloween I volunteered at a local haunted trail. The first two nights I was a creepy clown, but then I got bored of that and worked the gate. It was a really cool experience. I liked the groups of little kids that would scream and then immediately burst into giggles, and I also liked the grown men who would scream like little girls. I especially liked one group my first night. It was three little girls and their dad. The dad was whimpering and screaming, and the little girls (probably around five/six) were just giggling at everything. It was great.
The second night was not so great. See, the rule of a haunted attraction is the attraction doesn't touch you and you don't touch it. For some reason that night the people who went on the trail were really aggressive. I got hit twice, and a lot of other people got hurt. Of course, I only count one hit because the other was from a three year old and she was adorable. I went "boo" and she kicked me in the shin. Her mom picked her up and apologized to me. I laughed it off. The one I do count was a grown woman punching me in the stomach because I was following her. That was why I switched to the gate for the third night.
Moxi and I both worked the gate the last night we volunteered. It was much more fun, and also much more aggravating. The guy who played Jason was really late getting to his spot, and so we had to open late. And of course, when a crowd gets angry they take it out on the people they see, so we got yelled at a lot. For some reason, though. I was perfectly fine with socializing with the people in line while Moxi hung back and worked the walkie-talkie. It came naturally to me. It might have been that it was dark or that I felt in charge and there was nothing they could do about it or that Moxi had my back, but it was really awesome. I 'd love to be able to duplicate that.

Tonight my mom took my sisters for half the neighborhood and I took them for the other half. We paired up with our neighbors like we always do. About halfway through my half the youngest got whiny and so she went home with my neighbor and their youngest while Miss Jenn and I continued with the older two. We got to one of the last houses on our street. It was all dark inside, but they had their porch light on so the kids went up. They stood there for about a minute. The door slowly creaked open to reveal a man dressed in all black. He just stood there for a few seconds. The kids looked at each other, and our neighbor started backing away. Then the guy slowly closed the door and turned off the light. The kids freaked and ran back down the driveway yelling "We got ripped off!" It was hilarious.

But I still don't like Halloween.
Know what the only good thing about Halloween is? NaNoWriMo starts in a few minutes.

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