Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best Day/Worst Day Part One

     "Best day of my life was January 9, 1997. I was eight years old, and my mom and I went to the zoo on a class trip. I liked the bears. She liked the monkeys. Best day ever. End of story."
                                                                  -Alaska, Looking for Alaska by John Green
So when I asked Jake what I should do for the blog tonight he suggested Best Day/Worst Day. I've already been over my best day on here (Ludo concert), so I'll start with worst day and then go to second best day and then call it a night.

Worst day of my life was the last day that I threatened suicide, February 22nd, 2010. It was my fifteenth birthday. It started off okay. My friend Selby gave me my birthday present in English because she hadn't been able to make it to my party. Then gym came along. Freshman year I loved gym. I had it with my friend Bryar, who I kind of hero-worshipped. For more info, just see the cast page. Trying to keep this from being horrifically long :P He usually waited for me at a certain spot in the hallway, but he wasn't there. Once I was in the gym, he completely ignored me. No "hi," no "happy birthday," nothing. The bleachers in the gym were folded up, but my friend Anna and I climbed up there anyway (it was just something we did :P). On my way up, my hip popped out of its socket (it does that sometimes). I told her about it, but she said "That sucks" and then went on rambling about her friend's boy troubles. Teams were chosen for whatever game we were playing that day, but I could not climb down. I told the teacher and she called Bryar over (he's 6'5") and he lifted me down. She had him take me to the nurse. It popped back in, but it still really hurt so I was limping pretty badly. He tried to get me to let him help me walk, but not only am I stubborn when in pain but I was mad at him anyway, so I refused. He asked me if I wanted him to stay in the nurse's office with me, and I told him to go away. (Now, of course, I'm kicking myself for that)  Then I went to Telecom where I was told by my spoiled brat carpool buddy Stephen that my leg popping out of its socket with an audible "pop" was nothing to complain about because he tore the ACL in his knee that December and therefore any injury I have I should keep to myself because "you think you've got it bad? That's nothing. I don't even want to hear about it." And the funny thing is, I wasn't even talking to him! He was halfway across the room, and I was talking to the person next to me. Usually in Telecom I we watched movies and documentaries and stuff, but about once a month we took notes on something. That day just happened to be one of those days. On the way to lunch, Stephen was grimacing a lot. I asked him if he was okay, and somehow he heard "Are you having problems today?" and he flipped out on me. At lunch, I had the little Chewbacca stuffed animal my mom had given me for my birthday. Stephen and the other guys at the lunch table (it was me and three guys for the longest time.) started making fun of it and talking about how Chewbacca was Luke Skywalker's mom. Then they started making fun of me. I told Bryar, who sat two tables over, and he silenced them with one of his "I'm gonna kill you if you don't leave her alone" glares, but they started up again five minutes later. As soon as the bell rang, I bolted out of there. I put on my "I'm fine" face for my then-best-friend (more on cast page) Moxi when I saw her in the hallway, but she saw through it and got me to tell her what was wrong. When I was telling her, I started crying. She tried to convince me to skip with her, but I told her to just go to class, I'd be fine. I lasted about three minutes in history before this guy Ravi (he was a total dick freshman year) noticed Chewbacca and started making fun of Star Wars. I started crying again, which my wonderful teacher noticed right away. She discreetly slipped the pass onto my desk, and I ran to the bathroom and just started sobbing. One of my senior friends came in and she was like "Why are you crying? Who do you want me to beat up for you?" and she eventually got me laughing and I went back to class. Then I handed out the cookies I had brought, which caused my teacher to ask why the hell I was crying on my birthday. The student teacher came over and talked to me about what I did for my birthday and what I got and stuff, and casually gave me some of the answers for the worksheet we were doing that day. Then my teacher gave me a note that the parent teacher meeting scheduled for me for that afternoon was cancelled (I wasn't doing too well in school at the time). What had happened, though I didn't know it then, was she had called the office and told them she and my English teacher wouldn't be able to make it (even though they both could). After that class was finally over, I went home and was told that until further notice, I wasn't allowed to do anything but homework and studying from the time I got home until the time I went to bed. I got on Facebook to talk to my friend about a group project and Bryar was on. We started talking, and I asked to borrow the bowie (Bryar was depressed, too, and whenever he got really upset, he'd start talking about this Bowie knife at his house). The conversation went like this:

Can I borrow the Bowie?
Why not?
It's not mine, it's my brother's.
Fine. Guess I'll find something else then.
Don't you dare.
You can't stop me.
You're right. Just like I can't stop any of your friends from following. You do it, and you know it'll start a chain reaction from the people who rely on you. Think of Moxi. Think of Sierra. And stop this right now.
(By the way, most of this was copied from my journal entry from that day which I went and found for this :P)

And it's still horrifically long. I think I'll make this into two posts.

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