Saturday, October 29, 2011


I just spent a good amount of time outside like this:


I love snow. So much. I don't think it'll ever stop being magical for me. It's so pretty and makes everything look so beautiful. 

~Bryar Memory Time~
I was at my friend Dave's house once last year. You'll hear more about Dave next week in one of my pre-scheduled posts. But I was there after one of Bryar's event things and Bryar went to take someone home. I can't remember who it was, and it really doesn't matter anyway. He came back and called me over. 
"Come outside with me," he said, standing in the doorway. His eyes were bright and he had that small smile that always accompanied a surprise for me. 
"Why?" I asked, curious but reluctant to get out of my comfy chair. 
"Just come!"
I put my shoes on and followed him outside, where the sky was orange. 
"Know what that means?" he asked. 
I shook my head. 
"It's going to snow."
I looked up at him with this huge-ass smile on my face, which he happily returned.
We went back inside when I started shivering. I curled back up on my egg chair (it's not technically mine, but no one's allowed to sit in it when I'm there. More about that later, too) and watched them play video games. Bryar sat next to me and jokingly stole Bun Bun from me. In return I stole his hat. He has a big head. I started nodding off an hour after we went outside and he took me home. And sure enough, it was snowing. 

Song of the Day: "Stay Beautiful" by Taylor Swift (still reminds me of him even with all that's happened)

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