Friday, October 7, 2011

Talking on the Phone

I do enjoy talking on the phone. I much prefer it to texting or IMing when it comes to people I know really well. I don't do it very often anymore because everyone's like "texting's faster" and stuff. Honestly, as addicted as I am to texting, I hate it. You can't pick up someone's tone through text. And considering how horrible I am at picking up social cues in real life... >.< I had a friend in middle school who I would talk to every night for two hours, but now we aren't on speaking terms anymore. George and I talk on the phone sometimes, but it's usually just to coordinate meeting up somewhere or to clear up miscommunications because I really fail at reading his tone.

I do not like being home alone at night. I hear noises that usually aren't there and I think everyone's out to kill me. Normal paranoia. Tonight, however, I heard a noise that actually was there: a cat fight.
We have our outdoor cat, Seth. We had an outdoor cat named Tugger when I was younger. He started out being an indoor cat, but he got too fat to fit through the cat door to get to the litter box (we had to keep the door to that room closed because my sisters were really little and let's just say them going in there could get gross) and so he just peed and pooped wherever he felt like. About a week after he became an outdoor cat, he got into a fight with a groundhog and lost and died. So when I heard Seth in a fight, I kinda freaked. Jake called me to calm me down. It worked extremely well :P We talked for 52 minutes and 52 seconds exactly, about Seth and then about a lot of other things. It was really nice.

I wish I had more opportunities to talk on the phone with people. Just with people I really trust, because my social anxiety makes the phone a very scary thing. But I think texting and IMing and stuff is making us all less social. You know, the "bowling alone" theory. I think. Can't remember exactly. I like that I can communicate silently with people, but I also love actually talking. Maybe that it's less work, maybe it's that I like hearing other people's voices, maybe it's that you can get emotions and sarcasm across better. Either way, I kinda wish that we weren't as technologically advanced as we are. More on that topic on another day though. Don't get me started on e-readers.

Song of the day: "My Immortal" by Evanescense

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