Thursday, October 20, 2011


I saw a fight today. I was going from the second floor to the basement and at the first floor landing there was a crowd. I peeked over it to see what was going on and saw a fight between two girls on the in-between-first-floor-and-basement landing. I turned around, went out the doors, and found Mr. Freccia, my AP GoPo teacher from last year and one of my all-time favorite teachers. I told him what was happening and went to another staircase to get downstairs.

It got me thinking about some of my favorite teachers through the years. Best teacher ever has to be Nagurney, my Latin/French teacher for freshman and sophomore year. She's teaching at a private school now, but we still talk over Facebook. She's like a second mom to me. I used to spend every Wednesday afternoon in her room doing homework and ranting. I started and ended every school day by visiting her. She saw when I was upset right away and knew how to make me smile. I love her <3 I miss having her at my school, but she gets paid better at her new school and she's got a baby to take care of now!

My favorite teacher right now is my AP Bio teacher, Mr. McDowell. I spend a lot of time in his room now :P He's got a snake and a turtle and some lizards, and he's also got two gerbils that I bred ^-^ He's a goofball. I had him for Bio last year, AP Bio this year, and I'll take AP Enviro next year so I can have him again. He's super lenient on grading with me... He teases me a lot.

In middle school my band/chorus teacher was amazing. Her name was Mrs. Stiltz and she was actually the wife of my elementary school band teacher. I was her pride and joy ^-^ Seventh grade was a bad year for me, and I spent a lot of time in her office crying to her about something or other. She got me to be more outgoing and got me to realize that I don't have a horrible voice. Before having her, having to sing a solo would bring me to tears, but now I could do it. I might be a little shaky and a little nervous, but I could do it. And she pushed me to learn more scales on the clarinet and gave me a head start for high school. She and her husband and my first band teacher made me love the clarinet.

My first band teacher was Mr. Avara. I have him on Facebook, too. He saw potential in me from the very first day. I had a lot of bad luck the first year I played clarinet, and they would often fall apart in my hands. Literally. I went through all of the district-owned clarinets and finally he let me borrow his personal one (thank goodness nothing happened to that one!) over the summer so I could keep practicing, and that's when the curse broke.

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