Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reasons To Be Happy

1. Monday night at band practice, our drum majors pulled me and a couple other juniors and some sophomores aside. They wanted to let us know that they realized the section leaders in the band weren't really doing what they should. They told us that we were the real leaders of the band and that they recognized that we did know what we were doing. It was really really nice to be recognized like that.

2. Math is not my strongest subject. I'm currently in AP Calc but only because I somehow passed my Pre-Calc/Calc IGSCE class last year and my counselor would not let me take Honors Calc. I am struggling. He gives us tests like every other class and I fail most of them. But today, when he was handing back last class's tests, he said "This is what I like to see." I looked at the test: "112/120 A." I am now passing his class! Granted, it's with a 60%... But it's better than what I had two weeks ago (39%). Thank GOD for homeworks.

3. This conversation. It makes me feel important and loved.
Jake: are you there?
Me: Yes
Jake: Good. I had a bad sick dream.
Me: :( Tell me about it?
Jake: Everyone left. *deleted for privacy* And I failed you when you needed me
Me: I can't promise anything for them, but I don't think that scenario's probable. And I would never leave as long as you wanted me here.
Jake: No I mean you killed yourself because I didn't get my phone and you needed me
Me: I will not do that.
Jake: I know. But it was scary 
I just... it almost made me cry. To know that I am important enough that one of his nightmares would be me killing myself, to know that he knows how important he is to me without me having to really tell him... <3 Because I'm not good at telling people that they're important. I'm glad he knows.

Song of the day: "Uprising" by Muse

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