Friday, October 21, 2011


So my mom promised me we wouldn't get anymore cats unless she found a calico she liked. Last week there was a calico at Pet Kare, but when she went back for it on Tuesday it was gone. Tonight we were bored so we went up to Pet Kare to look at animals, and when we walked in one of the managers came up to us and said "I have a cat for you." He led us to the back where he was hiding two calico kittens for us ^-^ We came home with this beauty:
She's so cute. We named her Leia. She's also very shy. Mom had to sign the papers and so she handed her to me. She started to jump out of her arms before I was able to take her, so Mom grabbed her best she could. Leia didn't like that, and she bit her :P I took her from Mom and she burrowed into my arm and started growling. It was really cute. We haven't heard her meow yet, but we've heard lots of growling. She keeps hiding in our arms ^-^ She's so adorable. 

Song of the Day: "Moondance" by Van Morrison

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