Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best Day/Worst Day Part Two

So. Second best day. Honestly, it's more about the symbolism of what happened that day.

So Bryar was a senior my freshman year (along with most of my friends that year). I did not know what to expect. I had never been friends with someone who graduated high school. I had the idea in my head that they would graduate and disappear and abandon me :( On the last day for seniors, Bryar walked me out of school. He gave me a hug and rubbed his knuckles against my back like he always did (felt weird but good) and realized I was crying. He said "Don't worry, Turtles, I'll be back, probably when you least expect me."

The next day had my second-best memory. I don't think I can call it my second best day. It was rather average, honestly. But there were ten minutes that made everything great.
One thing I didn't know about seniors was that they still had stuff to do at school even after they had finished classes, specifically graduation practice. I went to the library like I did every morning, a little sad because it'd just be me, George, and Moxi. I passed my friend Dana in the hallway, and she decided she wanted to go, too, which definitely struck me as odd, but I shrugged it off. I had my back to the stairs and was talking to Dana when she started waving. I turned around and Bryar was walking up the stairs ^-^ I kind of shrieked and ran over to him and got a hug. He was only there for the ten minutes before the bell rang and I had to go to class, but those ten minutes were great. He gave me this huge bag of rubber bands (I play with rubber bands when I'm fighting off an anxiety attack) of all different colors and sizes. When the warning bell rang, he walked me to class and gave me a hug in front of his ex-girlfriend, which was a big deal. I like being claimed in front of people ^-^ I spent the rest of the day on high.
Honestly, it's pretty easy to look at that event and think it's no big deal. But really, it is a big deal. It's kind of like the Ludo concert. I thought he was leaving forever, but he didn't. Not then, at least. Later, yes. But it showed me that people leave, but sometimes they come back ^-^

Song of the Day: "Take Me" by Hawk Nelson

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