Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too Many Topics to Fit in the Title

So many things to talk about tonight :P

  1. A loss- I use mechanical pencils because the noises made by electronic pencil sharpeners scare the bejeezus out of me. I had one single purple mechanical pencil which was my favorite because purple's my favorite color and it was the only one I had. I purposely left it behind in Telecom yesterday. There are these two guys in that class, I don't know their names. But they're the class clowns. Our teacher went into the back room to help one of the groups with editing their piece for the show, and the two guys started role playing. First they were two gay kings going off on quests, slaying trolls and dragons, and riding horses. Then they were robots. Then they were monkeys. Then they were snipers. It was really quite hilarious. Until all of a sudden the one guy's crotch was in my face. I'm not even sure how it happened. I just know that I was talking to Danny and I turned around and there it was, not even a foot away from my nose. It... it freaked me out. Then he took my pencil and... grr. He put it back on my desk and I left it there. It made me sad :(
  2. An accomplishment- My mom works about a five minute walk away from where we live, but I've never walked there on my own before. There's just something about walking outside by myself that causes my social anxiety to go "AW HELL NO!" Yesterday morning, though, I was running late and forgot to grab my house key, so I had to choose between sitting outside by myself for two hours or walking up to Rite Aid to get my mom's key. I figured ten minutes was better than two hours so I hid my backpack and started off for Rite Aid. I made it there with little anxiety and no panic attack. Mom bought me ice cream as a reward and gave me the key. I walked back with significantly less anxiety and still no panic attack. I was so proud of myself ^-^
  3. A birthday present- My birthday was eight months ago, and I finally got my present from Mary ^-^ It had a letter, a pack of letters for when I'm feeling down, a DS, three DS games, a hair tie, some Canadian silly bands, a calculator, some tea, a pencil (my new favorite), a mixed CD, and some pictures. I love her so much. I love everything in that box so much. I have barely put the DS down lol. So far I've played Animal Crossing and Nintendogs. I'll play Harvest Moon when I can stop playing Nintendogs :P I love it so much. And the letters... I don't want to have to open them, but I can already tell that they'll make things better. 
  4. A homecoming- It's homecoming week at my school and I absolutely cannot wait. Not for the dance which I will NOT be attending, but for the football game. The homecoming football game's always the most fun. There's more people and everyone's pumped up. Also, a lot of alumni come back. I can't wait to see them all. Next post will probably be about homecoming last year. But the main thing I'm looking forward to is Nagurney coming back! Nagurns was my Latin teacher freshman year and my French teacher sophomore year. Now she teaches at a private school. I fully supported that decision because the kids there are better and it's a better pay and she has a baby to take care of, but damn it I miss her! She's the best teacher I ever had. She was more of a second mom most times. I think I could write a whole blog post about how much I love her :D I think I might do that. 
  5. A challenge- NaNoWriMo starts in five days and two hours and boy am I excited!!! For those of you who don't know what it is, you can click here. What these means for you guys: Over the next few days I'll be writing prescheduled blog posts to post periodically through NaNo. I'll also check in every few days, sometimes to post how I'm doing, sometimes to post a particular part of my novel that I happen to like, sometimes because something significant happened. So I'll still be here, just not as often. Wish me luck on NaNo!

Song of the Day: "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners

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