Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friend Feature #1: Selby

It's February. Which means I don't have to blog every day. TAKE THAT!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Selby. I've known her since freshman year because she was in Cambridge with me. The only memory I have of her from that year was the Cambridge Secret Santa. One of the guys got her this adorable stuffed penguin that she loved until she realized it sang and danced. She totally freaked, calling it demonic and possessed. I'm pretty sure she made him take it back. I'll have to check :D 

We became friends sometime during sophomore year. I don't remember ever thinking "Now we are friends" like I can with a lot of my friends. The memory that sticks out to me from that year was the Monopoly tournament. Selby and I had AP GoPo together. After the exam, we learned about economics. One day we played Monopoly in groups, and the top five winners played it again the next class while the rest of us were across the hall playing the lemonade stand game on the computers. Selby was in the winners' group, and so were a couple of jerks that make fun of her a lot. The rest of us went in there one by one to vote on the computer for some student government thing. When I went in there, she squealed my name, ran over to me, gave me a hug, buried her head in my shoulder, and cried about how mean they were being to her. I stayed in there with her until my teacher got angry and called me back. Later, someone came back from voting and said "Um, Mr. Freccia? You might want to go in there. Selby's hiding under a desk." I felt so useless because I could see and hear her agony from my seat across the hall, but I couldn't do anything about it. 

This year, we are in advisory together. She really has become my best friend. (When I say this, I'm not counting Mary. She's a given. She's more than my best friend, she's my sister) Honestly, I feel like she's almost exactly like I would be if I had no inhibitions. She dances and sings. She hates stupid people and ugly people and people who do bad things and people who are fake, and she wants to send them all to Antarctica. The only way any of them would be allowed back would be if they sent her Poptarts. We share this stuffed rabbit named BunBun, also known as Usa-chan. 
He's from an anime called Ouran High School Host Club. My mom bought him for me for Christmas sophomore year. Selby kidnapped him a lot last year. This year we decided that he was my child, but her godchild. She gets custody of him during advisory and Chem class. She took him to Spain for a week last fall. 

Selby doodles a lot. Sometimes, if I'm feeling down, she'll give me her doodles. Monday she made me a whole page of doodles because our teacher moved my seat so I'm not right in front of her anymore. I'm not going to post the whole page, but here are some highlights. 

I told her that I was looking at Marlboro College up in Vermont. The next day, she told me she looked there and said it wasn't for her, but VMU was only two hours away from it and it looked awesome. That's the first time someone like her has ever expressed wanting to continue friendship past high school. It was pretty cool. I looked up VMU and now I want to go there to. Last week I said "So I looked at VMU, and-" and she interrupted me by shouting "GO THERE WITH ME!"

Selby highly amuses me. She's so freaking adorable sometimes. I have to say I feel more protective of her than I do anyone else. I would willingly lay down my life to keep her safe and happy. I can talk to her about anything. I've mentioned so much stuff to her in passing that she picks up on and gives just the right amount of attention to. She gives the right amount of sympathy to my mental health issues, and is constantly telling me that I'm strong. We share pretty much the same views on everything. We both feel strongly about the same issues. Advisory was lengthened for about a week and a half a few weeks ago, and the last day of that we sat there for ninety minutes, ranting about social injustices and homophobes and idiots. 

Sample Selby quotes:
  • "I'd write my satire on how I should rule the world, but that wouldn't be a satire." 
  • "I'm just going to go into some store and replace all the blue powerades with anti-freeze. Because smart people sniff drinks they realize have been opened before taking a sip. That way, I can get rid of all the stupid people."
  • "I would name all my pokemon Buttface Magee."
  • "My pants are full of cake."
  • "Social problems? Selby will fix!"

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