Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in Review Part One

Splitting it into two parts because I have too much to say ^-^

January- I did the camera for the UD home hockey games. It was a total blast. I've love to do something like that again. Jake came along for the first game, and for most of the rest of the games, Clay came. He posted a status about having nothing to do. I told him to come to the game. He brought along Dana. He and Dana came over to my house after the game. They took apart my Rubik's cube :P I couldn't get it back together, so he came back later that week. And again. And again.

February- Clay and I started going out on the first. He asked if I liked him; I said yes. I asked if he wanted to go out; he said yes. I had my first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend and maintained my hatred of the day. My dad came up for my birthday and I had the best birthday party of all time. It lasted a full twenty four hours and we had a balloon animal guy and two separate magic shows (one hired, one by a friend of mine). I got my second degu, and she died six days later.

March- Bryar and I officially stopped talking. I started playing my first Pokemon game (Fire Red on an emulator). I got a donut from Dunkin' Donuts that only had sprinkles on half of it. Never went there again. Our gerbils had babies. I started really experimenting with my chocolate making. We got a dog, Levi, who was a German Shepherd/Rottie mix. Beautiful dog. I started watching Red vs. Blue and bought Clay the DVD set for his birthday. My beloved degu, Pika, died, and I got a rabbit who I named Gracie Alberta Tex.

April- Clay took me to see Sucker Punch in theaters, and it became my favorite movie made after my birth. We got ducklings. Levi attacked me and we gave him back to his former owners. I went on the band trip to Atlanta. The first three days were horrible, the last two were wonderful. I stopped talking to Moxi because of events on the band trip. I played through Portal for the first time and loved it.

May- The ducks ran away. I learned how to shoot an airsoft sniper rifle and ended up shooting myself in the leg. I finally saw a show by our high school's improv troupe and fell in love. Jake had an "end of the world bonfire" and asked me if it'd be okay to have the fire inside. I made a call from a rotary phone during the bonfire (which thankfully took place outside). I had my first job interview at the local pet store, but I didn't get the job mainly because I have no experience. I started Portal 2. I started playing bass. Two friends of mine broke up, and she went ballistic and we're now no longer friends because I took his side.

June-  Mary and I spoke face-to-face for the first time. We got two new degus. Some of my best friends graduated, and I cried. I found out my favorite teacher ever took a new job, and I cried harder. I ran into Bryar on my way out of school, and he saw me crying and didn't say anything. I was in the marching band for the Blue-Gold football game for the second year in a row and I got sun poisoning. We got Friscuit, who became known as "LeeLeeKitty" on AVEN chat and became as much of a regular as I was at the time. Bryar asked to hang out with Clay and said he'd be fine with me tagging along. It ended up being an amazing day.

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  1. Brilliant idea. I'm going to do something like this too.