Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Love My Freshmen

So as a band member I interact with freshmen more than your average junior. There are two particular freshmen that I adore and have adopted as my own.

Joey- by far my favorite freshman. He plays cymbals in drumline. He is tall (six foot even right now) and he says he's supposed to grow at least five more inches by the end of high school. He is the sweetest thing ever. Whenever I see him, I get a hug from him. I have fallen asleep on his shoulder several times on the bus. He's kind of just accepted it as a given that it's going to happen. He's actually dating Moxi's godsister, who is also adorable. So the two of them together just makes me overload lol. On the last day of band camp this past year I hung out with him and a couple other drumline kids between sessions. We went to this nerd store on Main Street called Days of Knights, and then McDonald's, and then back to the school. On our way back, it started pouring. We were really close to the school when it started thundering. I kind of jumped and whimpered, and he put his arm around me and started comforting me. Then when we got back to the band room for the drumline practice, he made me put on the hoodie he had in his locker because I was shivering uncontrollably (the rain was cold!). It was huge :D Then he gave me highlighters and I made my music pretty ^-^ My friend David and I spar a lot and I usually end up getting hurt. Joey doesn't like that and he usually ends up holding me back :P Overall he's a very sweet kid and I adore him.

Sarah- My second favorite freshman. She's also very sweet. She's in my section, and is the little sister of our drum major's boyfriend. This caused our band director to have high standards for her. He singled her out a lot for the first couple of months, and made her cry at least once. I felt like ripping him a new one when he brought her to tears at one of the games. At the first game Jason showed up to, I went to sit next to the one freshman in our section who I absolutely do NOT like because I'm the only one willing to put up with him for an entire game so it's an unspoken rule that that's where I sit. She said "Delaney come sit by me tonight!" because she knew I didn't want to sit with him :P Then after I saw Jason, she was the second one to notice I was in tears. She asked me what was wrong. I told her that Jason dumped me when he realized I wasn't going to have sex with him, which is the PG version of what happened. She responded "If I ever find out you did something like that I swear I'll punch you!" which kind of made me want to give her a huge hug because she doesn't know I'm asexual. Then she told me I had to ignore him and have fun and not let him ruin my night. Audrey (the third C-Clan freshman, who I also love but don't have any stories about) overheard bits and pieces, and asked what happened. Sarah said "You DON'T wanna know!" with this little hand motion and head bobble that was hilarious. Once Audrey and I had stopped laughing, Sarah and I switched places so I could explain to her without Sarah having to hear again.

I love those two, and Audrey. I'll post a story about her when I have a good one ^-^

Song of the Day: "w.a.m.s." by Fall Out Boy ("we all mean something")

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