Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving is never very big in my house. We've had extended family at our table maybe twice in my life. Today, though, we went to my mom's boyfriend's parents' house for dinner. It was nice. I like Miss Lou (his mom). Also. They have dogs.

The first dog, Maddie, was a mutt. The best way to describe her would be an extremely fat weiner dog. She was very excited when we first walked in, but she calmed down relatively fast. She was by my side most of the night because she liked the way I used my wrist brace to scratch at the base of her tail. She kept running into the kitchen to get in the way and then running back to where my sisters and I were. They'd call her name desperately and I would just sit there coloring. She'd ignore them and run right to me to be scratched.

The other dog was a poodle named Molly and she was crazy. She got excited and then didn't calm down for an hour and a half. It was adorable. She kept skittering in sideways with her back arched and her head tilted all the way to the side. She looked like a badly animated Muppet. Every now and then she'd get close even to pet, and she was soooooo soft.

At one point Maddie was sitting next to me getting scratched and Molly ran in. Maggie barked. Molly barked. Maggie barked. Molly barked. Maggie barked. Molly barked. Maggie barked. Molly barked. Maggie barked. All I could think was "WE R SOUND-MAKING BUDDIES."

Eventually Molly calmed down, but she was still crazy. I got called over to "the adult table" while they were socializing. Molly was sitting on Miss Lou's lap. She hopped down, ran over, and began licking my pants.

Song of the Day: "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic! at the Disco (the only song by them I know and like)

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