Saturday, July 21, 2012


For the past few days, I've been feeling awful alone. People aren't returning my texts or emails, people are viewing and then ignoring my messages on Facebook, people are posting statuses about how wonderful their other friends are, and I' I feel like lashing out at everyone just so that they'll get mad right back and yell at me because at least they'd be talking to me. I can't be that awful that it's not worth it to keep up a conversation with me... can I? 

I just want someone who will talk to me. Right now I want someone who will make an effort to keep up the conversation. I want someone who cares that much. I need somebody to let me need them. I've turned to everybody I can think of, and almost no one's responding. The one person who's responded placated me for a little bit and then asked me to go away so he could go back to what he was doing before. 

I'm getting desperate. This'll probably be the second night in a row I take a sleeping pill just to make the loneliness go away. Honestly, there are much worse things I could do, and I really want to do, just to make it stop. 

I just want it to stop. 

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