Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friend Feature #2: Paul

I met Paul on the first day of my sophomore year. I was in the cafeteria with Adam and George, and Adam saw Paul and yelled "Paul! I thought you were dead!" Because obviously if you go a year without seeing someone, that means they're dead -.- Paul sat next to me at the lunch table. I didn't actually didn't hear him talk for a couple of months. He usually played with his DS or slept or just sat there quietly listening to the rest of us talk. 

I don't remember how or when we became friends. It had to have been November at the latest, because of Bun Bun. Paul never ate lunch, so when I got Bun Bun and started bringing him to school, Paul "babysat" while I stood in the lunch line. Paul is Bun Bun's official nanny, which just goes to show the type of person he is for me. 

I call Paul my big brother. I've called a lot of people my big brother, but I think this one's going to stick. I've been calling him my brother since January of '11, but it was only official a couple of months ago. 
(By the way, the "drugs" was Benadryl) He doesn't like me cursing around him, not because he doesn't like curse words he just doesn't like innocent little me saying them. He yells at me for staying up too late, and for not eating properly (c'mon, it's the week after Easter, who needs "real food" when chocolate's on sale?!)

Paul indulges my childishness like no one else does (I mean, besides Neil :P). In fact, he encourages it a lot. He plays along with the "Bun Bun is my and Selby's child and you are the nanny." He teases me when I get playful, but not so much that it upsets me. I've noticed that I become more playful and childish around certain people, and he's definitely one of them. I used to go over to his house a lot because his brother did a podcast with my ex and some other people. I'd sit on the floor of his basement and be quiet (although I did speak up in one podcast when they started talking about WoW because I was the only one in the room who'd actually really played it and knew about it, and I had an audible coughing fit another time when I was sick), and Paul would make faces at me and hand me cats and stuff. 

I can talk to him about things I don't talk about with most people. I feel like he knows me better than anyone except probably Mary. He knows why I'm so attached to Bun Bun and why I get so clingy with some people. He pats me on the head when I do something right because he knows it makes me feel appreciated. He knows what happened last summer with Jason (he got REALLY angry with him. Like, scary angry.), and he knows how I feel about pretty much every person we know. 

We cheer each other up a lot. I'm going to run away with Vader and live at his house if things here don't get better soon. Our usual way of cheering up is drawing each other pictures. I make him stuff like this and he draws me stuff like this which I steal from him and put in protective sleeves and keep in my binder and stare at in the middle of class to keep me happy. 

We have loving conversations like this:

Also, he drew all of my best friends for me :D 
He's the T-Rex, Selby's the bunny, Moxi Matt and Alex are the dogs, Joey's the sheep dog, Mary's the flamingo, Neil is the penguin, and I'm the duck ^-^ I played around with it a little in gimp and made it the blog's background, and it's also my timeline cover on Facebook. I love this drawing so much. 

I love my brother <3

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