Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prometheus Midnight Showing

I went to see Prometheus at midnight the other night with Mackay. It was a stupid decision for so many reasons, some I'll share here and some I won't, but I'm so glad that I did it. Not because I enjoyed the movie, although I did mostly like the stuff my face wasn't covered for, but because I was scared to do it- I was scared to ask for permission, I was scared to go without being able to prove I'm old enough, I was scared to watch it, I was scared to be in a theater with a guy who could overpower me (not because I didn't trust him, but because that's where I was abused for the first time and I was afraid of flashbacks)- and I did it anyway. 

We got to the theater, bought our tickets with no difficulty, and rejoiced at one step down. We waited in line to go into the actual theater. The lady asked for our IDs. Mackay showed his and told her that I was seventeen but didn't have my ID on me. She said that even though we'd bought the tickets, she couldn't let us in without seeing proof that I was seventeen. When Mackay finally gave up arguing, we went and stood in the lobby, trying to figure out what we were going to do instead. Then a guy who had been a couple people behind us in line called us over. Mackay looked at me with half a grin and said "It looks like your luck's about to change." The guy, who looked old enough to be my dad, said we were with him, and she let us in. We thanked him profusely once out of earshot and kept near him until we were out of her sight.

We went into the theater and it was packed. We found two seats near the middle. Mackay took the one next to a guy, I took the one next to a girl. He asked me if I would be okay with all the people around. I told him yes.

The movie was good, although I'm not usually big on that type of movie. I did spend a good majority of it with my face covered. Mackay later said that anytime he heard any sort of whimpering noise, he looked over and sure enough, there I was, spazzing out. He patted my arm several times. It was nice that I could focus on him when I was freaking out, though, because he's probably the person I trust the most besides Neil.

After the movie was over, he drove me home. I thanked him for the movie and then ran upstairs to sleep in my mom's bed, more than slightly spooked. Three hours later, I took a final exam, and hopefully passed it? Yeah, the movie wasn't the best timing, but it was worth it nonetheless. 

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